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Popular Freeware

 Rock Music Screensaver  
 rock music Screensaver

from Gifmania, License: Freeware, Release date: 26.06.2014

 Network Monitor II  
 Show you many information about your network.

from Bushin SOFTWARE, License: Freeware, Release date: 23.08.2016

 Make own audio books for the TipToi pen

from sidiandi, License: Freeware, Release date: 07.02.2016  
 Desktopify your mobile devices

from Orbweb Inc., License: Freeware, Release date: 17.11.2015

 Takemote Lite  
 Takemote isn't only a remote desktop solution

from APPANDO, License: Freeware, Release date: 01.04.2016
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 Webm8 Portable Edition  
 Carry your passwords on your key ring.

ScreenshotCant remember your passwords? Tired of typing your name and address into internet forms? You need WebM8! WebM8 will remember all your usernames and passwords and fill your log on screens automatically. It will also allow you to fill other web forms by point and click and, unlike most password programs, it is completely browser independent. WebM8 has always had the ability to cope with logon screens that ask a different security question each time and the latest version even automates logon screens which ask for three different characters from your PIN, password or both. WebM8 data files are securely encrypted using the Blowfish algorithm with a 256 bit key. (Portable edition for flash drives)
from M8 Software(UK), License: Freeware, Release date: 09.08.2016

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Popular Shareware

 Create Web Help, CHM Help and Print Manuals

from Divcom Software, License: Shareware, Release date: 15.08.2016

 BayOrganizer  No description available.

from Mathias Gerlach, License: Shareware, Release date: 24.08.2016

 ProfExam Player  
 Simple exam simulator

from Sketchman Studio, License: Shareware, Release date: 04.08.2016

 GeldProfi Haushaltsbuch  No description available.

from Axel Meierhöfer, XLM Software, License: Shareware, Release date: 29.06.2016

 An Internet connection control based on votes

from Thomas Jacob, License: Shareware, Release date: 09.03.2007
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