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Popular Freeware

 Tuning for Windows

from, License: Freeware, Release date: 23.07.2016

 FCorp - Lyric Library  
 Song Lyrics Database.

from Fahmy Corporation, License: Freeware, Release date: 12.07.2016

 Make own audio books for the TipToi pen

from sidiandi, License: Freeware, Release date: 07.02.2016

 KIOSK Enterprise 2014  
 PCs can be configured to run in kiosk mode

from KUBA - EDV, License: Freeware, Release date: 24.03.2014

 Exe 64bit Detector  
 Tool to Find the Executable is 32-bit/64-bit

from SecurityXploded, License: Freeware, Release date: 11.07.2016
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 SX MD5 Hash Generator  
 Free MD5 Hash Calculator Tool

ScreenshotSX MD5 Hash Generator is the free desktop tool to quickly calculate MD5 hash. It can generate MD5 checksum for your file or custom text. MD5 checksum/hash is the popular method used for verification of files downloaded from Internet. This tool helps you to easily and instantly generate MD5 hash for downloaded file and verify if it matches with original hash. One of the unique feature of this tool is that it automatically copies the generated MD5 hash to clipboard. So you don't have to perform any extra copy operation. Here are the key features & benefits, * Instantly generate MD5 checksum * Compute MD5 hash for File or Text * Progress bar to show the status * Drag & Drop support for File selection * Automatically copies the generated MD5 hash to clipboard * Also copy the hash using Copy button * Very simple and easy to use for all users * Fully Portable, does not require JAVA, .NET or any other components SX MD5 Hash Generator works on both 32 bit & 64 bit platforms s
from SecurityXploded, License: Freeware, Release date: 23.07.2016

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Popular Shareware

 WinLock Professional  
 Powerful security solution.

from Crystal Office Systems, License: Shareware, Release date: 01.07.2016

 Bitrot Detector  
 Detects undesirable changes to files.

from Domador Software, License: Shareware, Release date: 30.06.2016

 Account Chef  
 account chef email account creator software

from Account Chef, License: Shareware, Release date: 06.04.2016

 ekanuni Hochzeitsplaner  No description available.

from ekanuni Klein & Reif GbR, License: Shareware, Release date: 06.06.2011

 Alltags-Tagebuch  No description available.

from Alltags-Programme, License: Shareware, Release date: 01.06.2016
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